Hungarian Language Legal Services in Toronto / magyar ügyvéd - magyarul beszélő ügyvéd

David Vago also offers professional services as a Hungarian speaking lawyer in Toronto

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Hungarian Legal Services in / magyar ügyvéd - magyarul beszelö ügyvéd

David Vago was born in Budapest and came to Toronto in the early 90's after attending some elementary school in Hungary. He continued Hungarian language reading and writing classes at the Hungarian House in Toronto and other Hungarian classes. David is proud to give back to the Hungarian community in Toronto as a good to resource and lawyer of choice.

David is fluent in reading, speaking and writing in the Hungarian language.


Types of Hungarian Legal Services offered in the Greater Toronto Area

Types of cases Description

Hungarian Power of Attorney / Meghatalmazás

David has experience drafting Powers of Attorney documents in Hungarian fo Hungarian based real estate transactions, estate matters and dealings with banks.

David has communicated with various Hungarian government representatives in order to ensure that he is compliant with their laws.

Although David is a Hungarian speaking lawyer in Toronto, he is not licenced to practice law in Hungary. Thus, David can ensure no legal liability for whether the document will be accepted in Hungary and no such represenetations are made. David can draft a document and the responsibility to obtain legal advice through a Hungarian licenced lawyer rests strictly with the client. Alternatively, a lawyer licenced in Hungary can draft the relevant document and this could be executed by David Vago.

Landlord & Tenant, business, On a case-by-case basis, David Vago can assist Hungarians in Toronto who are dealing with landlord-tenant related or civil disuputes.
Immigration matters As David Vago also immigrated into Canada and made it his home, he is proud to offer other Hungarians seeking to do the same with Canada.
Criminal matters David will be happy to converse with clients in the Hungarian language if they are dealing with criminal matters. David has also been appointed by the court as by way of Amicus, which is to assist clients who require a Hungarian speaking counsel.
Other professional services David would be happy to assist Hungarians living in Toronto and area. Please inquire whether David could be of assistance using his professional skills.


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