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Vago Law Professional Corporation takes on a wide variety of criminal matters. The following are some of the different criminal cases that have been handled:


Types of Criminal Cases

Types of cases Description
Domestic violence cases Having the background in representing both accused and victims of domestic violence provides a full perspective in navigating through these sorts of cases. Many times, a charge of domestic violence disrupts the family as the accused is separated for a long period of time from the family home. In these instances, if possible in the circumstances, we will seek a bail variation with appropriate terms.
Sexual assault cases David Vago has defended many accused individuals in sexual assault cases. These cases need to be dealt with extra sensitivity as the allegations are many times disturbing. Deep interviews with clients help uncover appropriate context and details in order to defend these sorts of cases.
Theft over $5000/ Theft under Depending on the amount of the alleged stolen goods and the circumstances surrounding the allegations and any related criminal convictions, there are usually various ways to defend these types of cases.
Fraud / Utter forged documents These types of cases sometimes involve complex schemes and as always, the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt rests with the Government.
Common Assault / Assault causing bodily harm These are also fact specific types of cases and they usually require setting things into their appropriate context.
Impaired Driving / Over 80 Canada has recently made legislative changes, which have made these types of charges more serious and less opportunities to defend than in the past. These types of cases are highly specialized; however, there are various ways to defend them.
Youth matters As one of the primary objectives in youth criminality is rehabilitation, this allows for more opportunities in dealing with these sorts of matters to align with this objective.
Other matters

David Vago has also defended the following types of charges:

  • Mischief
  • Highway Traffic Act (driving with no insurance, driving suspended, stunt driving)
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Breach of recognizance, Breach of undertaking, Breach of probation
  • Unlawfully in a dwelling
  • Break and enter
  • Peace bonds
  • Administration of justice offences
  • Drug offences
  • Weapons offences
  • Disorderly conduct

GTA Criminal Courthouses

If you need to call Duty Counsel or the Crown Attorney's Office of the following GTA Criminal Courthouses, you can use the following table:

Courthouse Contact Details

Old City Hall

60 Queen Street West, Toronto

Duty Counsel - Phone Number (416)594-9300

CALL Old City Hall Duty Counsel

Duty Counsel Fax: (416)594-9345

Crown’s Office: (416)327-6064



College Park

444 Yonge Street, Toronto

Duty Counsel - Phone Number 416-598-1260

CALL College Park Duty Counsel

Duty Counsel Fax: 416-598-5614

Crown’s Office: 416-325-8994



1000 Finch Ave West, Toronto Duty Counsel - Phone Number 416-663-5560

CALL 1000 Finch Duty Counsel

Duty Counsel Fax: 416-663-3343

Crown’s Office: 416-314-4222



2201 Finch Ave West, Etobicoke Duty Counsel - Phone Number 416-597-5890

CALL 2201 Finch Duty Counsel

Crown’s Office: 416-314-3936

CALL 2201 Finch Crown's Office

Scarborough Court

1911 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto

Duty Counsel - Phone Number 416-757-6257

CALL Scarborough Duty Counsel

Crown’s Office: 416-325-0342

CALL Scarborough Crown's Office


Brampton Court

7755 Hurontario Street, Brampton


Duty Counsel - Phone Number 905-456-4700

CALL Brampton Duty Counsel

Crown’s Office: 905-456-4777

CALL Brampton Crown's Office

Youth Court - 311 Jarvis


Duty Counsel - Phone Number 416-598-0200

CALL 311 Jarvis Duty Counsel

Criminal Duty Counsel ext 4362

Crown’s Office: 416-327-6845


CALL Youth Criminal Crown's Office



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