Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing stucture?

The pricing stucture is flexible, and it depends on the task at hand. Some matters require a retainer, others do not. Some matters are billed by the hour, other matters could be charged a flat-fee. In other words, it is prudent to inquire with our office, and we will make attempts to come up with a mutually agreeable pricing structure.

Do you accept Legal Aid?

David Vago is on both the immigration and criminal law Legal Aid Ontario panels. On a case by case basis, representation can be achieved through Legal Aid certificates. Please inquire for more information.

Do you offer free Legal Consultations?

Depending on the type of matter, an initial consultation may be free of charge. Other situations may call for a consultation fee. If our firm is retained for file work, the consultation fee could be credited towards the file. Please make an inquiry and we will advise whether your case would qualify for a free consultation.

Do you accept interns, summer students or articling students?

David Vago is passionate about teaching and mentoring those students that want to learn. Attitude of the student is the key to a successful mentor and mentee relationship. We will consider consider interns, summer students or articling students if the opportunity is appropriate. Please do not hestitate to make further inquiries about possible opportunities.

What differentiates David Vago from other lawyers?

There are many great lawyers. David Vago brings a diverse, multi-faceted experience to his practice. He is able to leverage his diverse background and his solution-oriented mindset to the practice of law. He pays attention to details and is driven by results for clients. Many clients also feel that David Vago is very approachable, and clients can build strong communication and trust with him.

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