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On a limited, case-by-case basis, Vago Law Professional Corporation can assist with your matter. David Vago has experience in many areas of law, with the legal process transferrable to other areas and ultimately, David Vago thrives in the challenge of taking on new matters. Do not hesitate to inquire as to what Vago Law Professional Corporation can do for you.


Types of Legal Services at Vago Law Professional Corporation

Types of cases Description
Business Law

Being a small business and having a passion for entrepreneurship, Vago Law Professional Corporation wants to help other small businesses and start-ups.

Vago Law can assist with the following legal areas:

  • Employment Law
  • Contracts, business law
  • Litigation
Landlord & Tenant Vago Law Professional is well versed in the rules of the Residential Tenancies Act and is up-to-date with the new regulations. However, these sorts of disputes are usually best worked out through a potential resolution if the parties can act in good faith and David Vago is skilled at these sorts of resolutions.
Civil Litigation For less complex matters, we may be able to assist, especially if representation to negotiate a settlement appears to be on the horizon.
Negotiation Negotiation is probably David Vago's favourite tool in his legal toolbox. Being able to manage emotions while using both subjective and objective considerations and a win-win attitude is what his approach is.
Notarization/ Commissioning Affidavits Commissioning or notarizing documents are fairly straightforward. Vago Law Professional Corporation charges a nominal fee for these services, but the ultimate goal is to meet new clients and for potential of referrals down the road.


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